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To Find Your Ethernet Address (MAC address)

The MAC address (or ethernet address) is unique to each and every device and  is usually displayed in one of the three formats listed below.
The digits '0 - 9' and letters 'a - f ' are the only valid digits which will be used.
There will always be 12 digits as shown in the following examples.

example ethernet address - 00:47:5e:7f:92:36
example ethernet address - 00-47-5e-7f-92-36
example ethernet address - 00475e7f9236

For Windows operating systems, the ethernet address can be displayed using the 'IPconfig' command. 

To do this:

  • Select 'Start'
  • Select the 'Run' option - (a dialogue box will open).
  • Type 'cmd' into the dialogue box - (a new  window will open).
  • At this prompt type ' ipconfig /all ' - please note the space between ipconfig and the /.

A list of details will be displayed. the ethernet address will be included although it may be described here as the 'Physical Address'. It will be displayed clearly in one of the formats shown above.

If 'IPconfig' does not work, a 'network adapter card' may not have been properly installed in your computer.

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