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FormMail Using Word

This page descibes some of the steps to follow when creating web forms using Word and incorporating FormMail.

Steps to follow:

  • Enable Form Design Mode - click on the icon on the web toolbar. Two panels should appear: a control panel and an exit panel
  • You may wish to switch on the display of hidden fields - icon on web tool bar
  • Insert a "Submit button" from the Form Design Control Panel
  • View the properties of the Submit button by selecting properties from the Panel
  • Change the action and method properties (see FormMail page)
  • Add 3 "hidden" fields and set the properties of these:

    HTMLName to 1. recipient 2. email 3. SUBJECT;

    Value to 1. your-email 2. 3. your-form-name

  • Add text-boxes, checkboxes etc as required
  • For each of these change the properties for the HTMLName field
  • For checkboxes these can have a default of checked (true)
  • For radio buttons make sure that each has exactly the same name. These can be defaulted and the value used to differentiate which button is selected
  • Include a reset button


This material is covered in the Web Authoring - Fundamentals Course.

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