Managing a Website

Various software is available for use by QUB web maintainers to manage and improve the quality of the numerous web sites at Queen's. The three key systems used are:

1. Link Checking

The University uses specialised software for link checking. The software identifies and reports on many different types of problems categorized by severity enabling broken links to be identified. For examples or to add a website to the Link Scanning schedule contact us.

2. Search Software : Google Search Appliance

The University maintains a dedicated Google Search Appliance, which services searches on the main website and is available to all QUB websites to provide site searches. Originally it allowed us to index up to 150,000 documents but this has been increased to 500,000 documents which can reside on any of the servers in the domain Supported file formats include HTML, XML, text, RTF, MS Office, Acrobat PDF, PostScript, FrameMaker, Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect and over 100 other data formats. More details of the software and its application within Queen's, including specific information for QUB web maintainers on how to implement a Google search on their site and how to improve the ranking of their site in the search engine results, can be found on the 'About the Google Search Appliance' page. Instructions on how to use the Google search effectively  are also available.

3. Website Statistics Analysis Software

The University website uses AWstats for website statistics analysis. Detailed lists on the most popular pages and host accesses are available, together with other interesting information such as search engine query terms used to find each site. Statistics are updated daily for most sites hosted on the central web servers and are available for viewing (internally to only) on the AWstats server. Additional sites can be added or the configuration of existing ones changed on request to

The University is also offering a Web Analytics service to provide a Web Analysis service similar to those offered externally but with data stored on-site. For more information contact us at