Short URL Service

Service Overview

The QUB CMC team are under increasing pressure to create short URLs for CMS-based websites which often involve unwieldy addresses. To help with this issue CMC have created a tiny URL shortcut service called

The service operates at the following web address:

QUB users can log in using their QOL log in credentials to create short Go addresses.


shortened to:


  • Make short friendly links for use in email, blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns
  • Send short links directly by email
  • Use QR codes for mobile users
  • Real-time click hits for each of your short URLs
  • View your complete link history with tools to change, remove and share a URL
  • Random shortcut addresses (e.g.
  • Customised shortcut for more memorable addresses (e.g.
  • The service is not restricted to QUB web addresses, you can point to any web address worldwide

Usage Scenarios

  • Student referrals in lectures when noting a Go address would be easier than writing out a long web address
  • Use on blogs, facebook and twitter when space is limited and to retain QUB branding
  • Use in email marketing newsletters when long web addresses could be broken across 2 lines
  • Use on marketing leaflets and promotional material to retain QUB branding
  • Use on staff business cards