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Why Another Language?

Learning a foreign language is not just about self-fulfilment or being able to read the classics in the original. It is about increasing your marketability. The ability to communicate in another language opens up job opportunities in Europe and further afield. The provision of language teaching to students who are not modern linguists is particularly designed for flexible learning and specialises in communication skills. If you're planning to take a degree course, either postgraduate or undergraduate, in anything from aerospace engineering to nursing it is worth looking into what foreign language learning opportunities are available.

University-Wide Language Programme

The University-wide language programme provides all students, whatever their degree course, the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of a foreign language or to learn a new language. The Language Centre provides students and staff with courses focusing on the practical use of the language and emphasising communication skills and culture. These courses can be class-based (20 languages), on-line (Certificates in Languages for Special Purposes) and self-study (over 30 languages).

In order to meet the growing demands of a University-wide language programme, the University established a state-of-the-art multimedia Language Centre. The Language Centre, situated on the top floor of the Peter Froggatt Centre, in an integral part of the University's Information Services Directorate. Not only does the Language Centre provide language related services for all students of the University, whether it is to improve or continue language skills already acquired or to learn a new language, but also provides the opportunity for enhancement of language learning already taking place in the School of Languages, Literatures and Arts , the Institute of Open Learning and English Language Support Unit.

The facilities in the Language Centre replace what had been in the Audio Resources Centre for almost 20 years. However, the ARC was largely reactive in nature, its role was not central to a university wide language policy, and the technology was for those personally motivated to use it. In contrast, the Language Centre is very proactive in its efforts to promote, encourage and provide language-learning opportunities to all students and staff of the University. The Language Centre is also involved in various funded projects such as the creation of an information portal for the HERO website; the design and development of an on-line English for IELTS tuition course and a joint project with the Irish and Celtic Studies Unit to develop an EU funded programme in Modern Irish Translation Studies.

Servicing the Business Community

Not only is the University committed to giving its students the most advanced facilities in learning and teaching but also extends that commitment to the business community of the Province. The Language Centre offers a range of services, such as translation, interpreting, tuition, online courses for businesses and tourism and cultural briefing, designed to meet all the language requirements of the Province's business and industry sector.

For further information, please contact the Language Centre.

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