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Cultural Awareness

How do we prepare to work in a multi-cultural environment?

Northern Ireland is fast becoming a multinational employment environment. In 2006 the number of people joining the UK workforce from the new EU states leapt by 145%. Companies are not only marketing their services in a multilingual market but also benefiting from non-native speaker employees on their staff.

The Queen’s University Language Centre is well placed to provide long term support solutions to Northern Ireland companies. Drawing on a wealth of linguistic and business experience and know-how Language Centre staff can develop solutions that target the specific needs of local industry.

Managers and Administrators need training:

  • to prepare them to deal with cross-cultural issues involved in working with other nationalities either in the UK, or abroad
  • to run internationally & culturally diverse teams in the workforce
  • to work successfully at the highest levels in global business

Staff members’cultural origins affect how they follow procedures and value work outcomes. Prior educational and cultural experiences are different and can also affect the way in which situations are approached. A better understanding of these differences allows staff and management to move towards meeting common goals more effectively. An effective understanding of cross-cultural communication issues can eliminate delays.

Why is cross-cultural and international communications training necessary?

Today's managers live in a multi-national, multiethnic world. The managers need to be internationally aware and culturally sensitive. Most management teams contain people of different nationalities, who think and were trained differently from their colleagues. As firms globalise, UK managers increasingly have to manage people whose attitudes and working practices they are unfamiliar with.

Approaching the training situation from the management and employee perspective results in a clear understanding of the situation and a long term solution. Cultural awareness training and targeted language courses for managers, provides a solid foundation for a good working relationship and ensures that the English language level of employees is at an operational level.  


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