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Online Language Learning

Certificates in Languages for Special Purposes

Many organisations recognise the value of developing the foreign language skills of staff at all levels. They need a programme which is designed to suit the organisation, its staff and its main activities and which will achieve its aims as effectively as possible. The installation of the interactive multimedia teaching system, Can-8 VirtuaLabâ„¢, in the Language Centre gives Queen's the facilities to provide flexible language courses which lead to a Certificate in Languages for Special Purposes. These courses are available not only to Queen's students but to the wider community and at a time and place that suits you. Can-8 uses PCs connected across the network to course material stored on the University Language Centre server. This means that users can work on written and oral exercises with all their work, both text based and recordings, being automatically saved on the server. Tutors can work with the students in real time, watching or listening in to their work and talking directly to them, or they can access student work stored on the server at a later date and where appropriate leave messages to be accessed by the students on their next 'log-on'.  

The Classroom comes to you. You don't have to travel to Queen's to use the system. Any multimedia PC with access to the internet can be installed with the Can-8 software allowing your staff to work on course materials when it suits them, in their own time and at their own pace, allowing them to 'catch up' or to progress at their chosen pace. Because of the unique tracking system the progress of each individual learner can be monitored by university language staff and help and advice can be given where needed. The system allows for the work and progress of each individual student to be monitored by the tutor and for each to receive personal attention and feedback. 

Courses are designed and developed at Queen's University Belfast. Every course on the Can-8 system is designed and developed by University staff members who are native speakers of the target language. This means that courses can be tailored to the individual needs of the Northern Ireland business community and where necessary can include specialised terminology and vocabulary. These fully accredited courses are available at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded a Certificate in Languages for Special Purposes.

Courses currently on offer include: 

  • French, German, Italian and Spanish for Business 
  • Practical Irish
  • French, German, Spanish and Italian for Tourism


Postal Address:

Language Centre
The McClay Library
10 College Park
Queen's University Belfast

Tel. 02890 976178