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Applied Language Courses

What are Languages for Special Purposes?

These are computerbased languages courses open to all University students and staff leading to a Certificate in Languages for Special Purposes. 

Can anyone undertake one of these courses?

These courses are open to all University students and staff.  Members of the public may also join.

What are the courses like?

Each course consists of three modules in each of the languages leading to the award of the certificate will equip students with the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to cope in a range of business situations in the foreign country. 

  • French for Business: (Post-GCSE)(Intermediate)(Advanced)
  • German for Business: (Introductory)(Intermediate)(Advanced)
  • Spanish for Business: (Introductory)(Intermediate)(Advanced)
  • Practical Irish: (Introductory)(Intermediate)

How often do I attend?

Each module will be delivered over two semesters through a mixture of tutor-led classes and self-access multimedia material in the University's multimedia Language Centre.  This allows students to study at their own pace and in their own time as well as having the opportunity to attend tutor-led sessions. Students must normally pass the three modules in each language to be awarded the certificate.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for the introductory modules (the exception is the French post-GCSE module, for which GCSE French at grade C (or equivalent) is required.  These modules are not available as part of any degree pathway and students may only enrol on these modules over and above the full complement of modules for their degree.


Languages for Business 

STUDENT/STAFF - £60.00 per module                                GENERAL PUBLIC - £120 per module

Languages for Tourism  

STUDENT/STAFF - £60 per course                                      GENERAL PUBLIC - £120 per course 

How do I enrol 

You can enrol online and pay for your course using a credit or debit card.  Enrolment for courses starting in October 2014 will commence on 2 September.  To register please click here.


Postal Address:

Language Centre
The McClay Library
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Queen's University Belfast

Tel. 02890 976178