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English Language Support

Are you an International Member of staff at QUB whose spouse/partner is interested in learning English?

Due to the success of previous English Language Training for the Spouses/Partners of International Staff Members, in collaboration with the Equality & Diversity Unit, the Language Centre at Queen’s are offering a further English Language course (at both Beginner & Advanced level) from March - June 2017.

Beginner Level

Course Overview

The Beginner Level Course aims to help competence in spoken and communicative English and will also seek to broaden cultural awareness in a Northern Irish context and to improve communication and understanding of English through the discussion of culture. It is aimed at those who have very little or no English, and basic vocabulary and grammar will be explored through real-life contexts. 

Beginner classes, which last two hours, will be held weekly on Tuesday afternoons over 10 weeks.  Classes will begin end of March 2017 and end in June 2017.

Key topics will include: Daily life, history, family, traditions, travel, food, sport, marriage, business, politics, socialising, the arts.

Course Schedule

28 March-06 June 2017 -  Tuesday 14:00 – 16:00

  • Week 1:                28 March        -  Gillespie Room (2nd Floor, McClay Library)
  • Week 2:                04 April          - Auditorium  (Ground Floor, McClay Library)
  • Week 3:                11 April          - Auditorium
  • Week 4:                25April           - Auditorium
  • Week 5:                02 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 6:                09 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 7:                16 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 8:                23 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 9:                30 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 10:              06 June          - Auditorium 



Advanced Level

Course Overview

The Advanced Course is aimed at those who have some knowledge of spoken English and will focus mainly on grammar, written English and conversational skills. 

Advanced classes, which last two hours, will be held weekly on Wednesday mornings, over 10 weeks. Classes will begin end of March 2017 and end in June 2017. 

Key topics will include: family life, education, housing and accommodation, healthcare, hobbies and interests, tourism in NI, history, civic life in NI, employment and skills.

Course Schedule

29 March-06 June 2017 -  Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00

  • Week 1:                29 March        - Training Room 2 (Ground Floor, McClay Library)
  • Week 2:                05 April          - Gillespie Room (2nd Floor, McClay Library)
  • Week 3:                12 April          - Gillespie Room 
  • Week 4:                26 April          - Gillespie Room
  • Week 5:                03 May           - Auditorium  (Ground Floor, McClay Library)
  • Week 6:                10 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 7:                17 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 8:                24 May           - Auditorium
  • Week 9:                31 May           - Gillespie Room 
  • Week 10:              06 June         - Auditorium 

 Note: Please note that the final class will be held on Tuesday 06 June rather than Wednesday 07 June.

Register your interest

If your spouse/partner is interested in attending weekly English language classes, we would love to hear from you!   Courses are free of charge to all spouses/partners of international staff members.

Please fill in the form below, stating your spouse/partner's contact details and indicating which English course would be most suitable.

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