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IT for Teaching

Lecture Theatre

Teaching staff are making increased use of e-learning to support traditional learning and teaching.  This ‘blended’ approach retains the values and benefits of traditional teaching while introducing added benefits through the use of technology.  However blended learning can only be effective, if teaching staff are given the necessary training and support to apply and evaluate its use.

The following sections outline the facilities and services offered by Information Services to support the use of blended learning at Queen’s.

E-Learning (VLE) l E-Assessment l Developing Education Resources (e.g. E-Learning Templates, Video Production, Podcasts, Interactive Lecture Theatre (using a Personal Response System) l Teaching Rooms l Supporting Student IT Skills l Student Computing (moved 16 Sept 2014 l IT Facilities for Students/Staff with Disabilities l l Library l Video Conferencing

Visit our Services page for a complete list of our services. 

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