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Audio Visual Services is responsible for the provision of audio visual facilities in the centrally booked rooms through an equipment booking system and the development of permanently installed facilities.  The Technical Support Team provides help, guidance and advice to staff using the facilities and a delivery/collection service for staff requiring additional equipment in the rooms.

Fault Reporting: A prominent notice in all rooms has contact details for teaching staff to report faults with the equipment or summon ‘emergency’ help.  The emergency help line 6499 tries a number of different extensions until answered, so please be patient.  In most cases, we can resolve the problem over the phone, but in the rare occasions when we cannot, we would expect to have a member of technical staff on site within 10 minutes of being contacted.

Duty Times: Technical assistance is available 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Note: Media Services has a Service Level Agreement for this service.

Central Teaching Room Support: The creation and support of the University's teaching environment is a joint responsibility of the Estates Department and Audio Visual Services and a rolling plan is in place to improve both the fabric and the technology in centrally booked teaching rooms.  The priority for putting fixed installations into individual teaching rooms is based on a number of factors:

  • The difficulty in supporting particular accommodation from the perspective of both remoteness/access difficulties and technical cover
  • The Health and Safety implications of trailling leads and intrusive floor stands associated with temporary loan equipment in crowded teaching rooms
  • Frequency of current delivery of computer presentation systems from Media Services loan stock
  • User feedback from teaching staff
  • Image improvement

There are currently over 100 centrally booked teaching rooms equipped with data projection facilities.

Teaching Room Design/Consultancy
: Where schools or departments have a need for specialist technical installations to support teaching in their own rooms or laboratories, the technical support team can provide guidance, advice, costings and contacts with specialist manufacturers and suppliers.  The Technical Support Team can be contacted on 6499.

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