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IT Facilities for Staff/Students with Disabilities

If you have any difficulties accessing any of our services due to a disability, please contact Disability Services by phoning 028 9097 2727 or by emailing  Information Services will liaise with Disability Services, if necessary, to endeavour to resolve your query.

All the computers in the SCCs have access to some Assistive Technology, including screen reading software and reading and writing tools.

  • ZoomText allows users with a visual impairment to access a PC through screen magnification and voice synthesizer feedback.  ZoomText reads documents, web pages and email, which the user is able to listen to using headphones or the computer's speakers.
  • Mindview is a visual learning tool widely used for building mind maps.  Mind maps are diagrams used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a key word or idea.  They can be used as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving, decision making and writing.
  • Read & Write Gold is a literacy support tool designed to assist users when reading or comparing text.  Functions include text-to-speech, phonetic spell checker, word prediction, speaking dictionary and a scanning facility.

These applications can be accessed by double-clicking the Accessibility shortcut on the Desktop.

The McClay Library also has the following equipment that may be of use to students:

  • A Zoom-ex scanner is available to borrow from the Borrower Services Desk.  This lightweight, portable scanner turns the computer it is used with into a scanner, reader and magnifier for blind or visually impaired students.
  • A desktop CCTV magnifier is located on Floor 2 of The McClay Library.
  • Adjustable tables are available on each floor of The McClay Library.

For further information regarding Assistive Technology, visit the Disability Services website at: or A Guide to Assistive Technology

For additional support on using standard library services visit Library Additional Support

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