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Setting-up your Computer


Most staff will require help to set up their computer, either from a School Computing Officer, a knowledgeable colleague or a member of the Computer Helpdesk Team. 

Note: It is essential that your computer is set-up securely.

When setting up your computer, the Computer Helpdesk Team will:

  • Set you up as the named user on your computer.
  • Install automatic Windows updates, to help prevent computer viruses and worms.
  • Install centrally managed anti-virus software (called Symantec).  When added, a PC or Mac will be kept updated against viruses automatically.  The managed system will periodically scan every computer e.g. Monday lunchtime.  You may also scan manually and this is useful if you receive a USB memory stick from somebody else e.g. a student.  Click on the Symantec Antivirus icon on the taskbar and select Scan.  Choose what you wish to scan.  You could also choose to scan the hard disk if there is a suspicion that the computer has become infected.
  • Install spyware removal software e.g. SpyBot to help prevent annoying pop-ups, frequent computer crashes, slowing your Internet connection and in extreme cases stealing your personal information, such as credit card numbers, by recording keystrokes.  It will be necessary for you to run SpyBot occasionally to clean spyware from your hard disk.
  • Connect you to the Queen's network, using the IP address you obtained through filling out the QF/22 registration form.
  • Install core sofware.
  • Install printers (Note: Information Services recommends that staff use network printers rather than personal printers.  Personal printers tend to lie idle for most of the day, are slower and cost more to run).
  • Install pop-up blocker (Note: The Google toolbar is fairly effective in stopping pop-ups, but remember to allow pop-ups on the Queen's website).

If you require support in setting up your computer, contact the Computer Helpdesk to arrange a suitable date/time.

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