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Computer Labs

Computer labs provide access to 00s of PCs and audio-visual facilities for both learning (Student Computing Areas and Group Study Rooms) and teaching (IT Teaching Labs) purposes.

A selection of computer labs and their facilities are highlighted below, however further information is available by clicking on the links on the right of this page.

Student Computer PCs - List of Applications (2-page PDF available only to QOL users)

Peter Froggatt Centre offers:
  • Two IT teaching labs (03/028 and 03/030)
  • Flexible teaching space with technologies such as wireless tablet PCs and PRS
  • Video Conferencing facilities available. Email
 Medical Biology Centre offers:
  • 1 student computing area (Anatomy Wing ground floor)
  • 5 large IT teaching labs (which are for student use outside of teaching time)
    Teaching Room 1, Anatomy Wing (64)
    Teaching Room 0G/105 (25) | Teaching Room 0G/121 (28)
    Teaching Room 01/110 (85) | Teaching Room 01/114 (76)
 The McClay Library offers:
  • Student Computing Areas throughout, with printing and photocopying facilities
  • 23 group study areas each with PC and Plasma
  • IT teaching and Language lab 
 Medical Library RVH (Mulhouse Building) offers:
  • Student Computing Areas with printing, photocopying facilities
  • Large and small IT teaching labs with data projection facilites