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Dropbox (sending large files)

QUB Dropbox is a web-based service which faciliates Queen's users to send large files to other Queen's and non-Queen's users. Queen's users are those whose have access to Queen’s Online. External users can avail of this service to send files to Queen's staff or students. The service is easy to use and is less elaborate than solutions such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The service overcomes the quota limits and attachment size limits associated with email systems. There is a limit of 1 gigabyte per transfer (transfer can be of one or more files).

Who can use the service?

  • Queen’s users can send large files to other Queen’s users (or to non-Queen's recipients)
  • External colleagues can send large files to Queen’s users . Frequently colleagues zip files for transfer.
  • Conference facilitator/organisers can use the service to receive large poster presentations


Queen’s users can:

  • Send large files to any email address worldwide
  • View a list of all files sent to you in the past 2 weeks
  • Delete files if you no longer need them

Click on the links on the right of the page to find out more about QUB Dropbox, including how to access it and support on how to use it.