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How to Use: You enter your email address and name and the same for the recipient. You can upload one or more files. The service sends an email message to the recipient with download instructions. The recipient clicks the link in the email message and is presented with a web page containing a link to download the dropped-off files. You receive a confirmatory message.

Queen's users who wish to send files to non-Queen's email addresses, view files received in the last two weeks or delete files need to log in on the Dropbox serivces page.


  • Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera can be used.
  • QUB Dropbox has been tested in a wide variety of web browsers on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Internet Connection The speed of your internet connection will directly affect the upload/download duration so broadband users should be patient especially when uploading.



  • Uploads are limited to 1 gigabyte (1024 Mb)
  • Files are not scanned for viruses, you and the recipient must do this independently
  • This is a temporary file service. All files are automatically removed after 15 days
  • Be patient when uploading and WAIT for the successful confirmation message
  • Non-QUB users can only send files to QUB email addresses


Things you need to check

  • When sending files please give due regard to the University's Security policies and to copyright - the Library has a useful guide about Copyright.
  • Users are reminded not to open unexpected files, as they could contain viruses or other malicious content

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