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E-Learning (VLE)

QOL for Education (VLE)

E-Learning at Queen's is supported through Queen's Online (QOL) Virtual Learning Environment, which is a secure web-based environment used regularly by over 85% of students. 

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides tools to make resources available online for students, enables communication online between staff and students, tracks students' use of resources and offers computer assisted assessment options. 

Training and support for e-learning is supported by the Centre for Educational Development and the IT Training and Assessment Unit (Information Services). The two groups work together to offer a cohesive range of services to support e-learning as follows:

  • Guidance, support and training relating to the integration of e-learning into learning and teaching will be facilitated by the Centre for Educational Development.
  • Development of the core skills required to realise the potential of Queen's Online will be facilitated by Information Services.
  • The development of e-learning templates and e-learning resources such as audio visual (i.e. podcasts) and computer based materials will be supported through Information Services.


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