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List of VLE Features

Module Description (Information from the University Book of Modules)

Staff Involved (View a List of Staff Involved in the Module, Make Yourself Invisible in a Module)

Resources (Resource Map: Manage Folders/Sub-Folders, Decide on a Start Date (Resources Visible) and an End Date (Resources No Longer Visible), Add Various Types of Resources e.g. Word Files, Video Files, Web Addresses etc., Track Use of Resources, Access QCat Reading List and Examination Papers)

Resource Copy (Copy Resources/Folders/Sub-Folders from Previous Academic Years)

Student Tracking (Track the Use of Resources, Track Student Activity of Resources i.e. What Resource was Viewed?, Who Viewed the Resource?, When was the Resource Viewed?, Track Student Activity in a Discussion Forum)

Student Images (View or Print Photographs of the Students on the Module)

Email to Students (View List of Students (including Email Addresses) Registered on Module, Option to Email Particular Students or All Students)

Discusssion Forum (Participate in an Online Discussion with Students at a Convenient Time and Place, Choose to have Discussions between Students, or Discussions between Tutors and Students, Discussions are Recorded as a Series of Messages that can be Viewed, Reviewed, Summarised, Quoted and Archived, Selected Messages can be a basis for Further Discussions in Class or for ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, Possible to have several Topics in a Discussion Forum, Determine whether Students can Edit, Read Only a Discussion Topic etc., Track Student Activity in a Discussion Forum)

Announcements (Post an Announcement to be Viewed by Students when they access a Module)

(Create a New Assignment and Modify Existing Assignments (providing assignment details, associated files etc), Access Completed Assignments Submitted by Students, Track if and when a Student has Submitted their Assignment i.e. not at all or before/after the deadline, Provide Marks and Feedback to Individual Students (Also Note: facility to email individual students), Track if a student has accessed their Feedback, Extract all of the Submission Information e.g. Name, Student Number, Submission Date, Mark and Feedback to a Spreadsheet)

(Using QuestionMark, Possible to use for Formal Assessments (visit the E-Assessment section for more information or contact the Centre of Educational Development for advice)

Tutorials and Group Work
(Possible to provide Group Specific Resources, Discussions etc.)

(Create, Edit Link, Delete Wikis, Track Student Activity on a Wiki, Determine whether Students can Edit, Read Only a Wiki etc.)

Surveys (Useful for creating basic polls, allows for anonymity, branching, permissions etc.  Responses available in a basic graphical format.  More detailed surveys should use specialist survey software, such as Questback)

Links (Add, Edit Delete Useful Links)

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