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Podcasts are usually audio files (but can be video files also) that are delivered regularly over the Internet.

The user can listen to them through their computer or download them onto a portable device for listening/viewing.

If you are interested in using Podcasting in a learning and teaching context, visit the Centre for Educational Development website, where there is a wealth of information including:

  • Ways to incorporate audio into learning and teaching
  • Range of possible uses by lectures, tutors and students
  • Lots of useful articles, case studies and links

If you are new to podcasting you may want to consider registering for the "Using Audio to Enhance Learning and Teaching" course bookable through Queen's Online.  This course is delivered by Information Services and the Centre for Educational Development.

If you require support with podcasting or already have the audio files in your possession, email David Robinson who can facilitate the hosting of the audio files on the University's media server and will create the podcast feed for you.  You will then receive a URL to distribute to users, so they can subscribe to your podcast.

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