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Email Addresses

Staff addresses are in the format: (occasionally staff email addresses may be in the form Do not guess someone's email address. To locate a staff email address , within Outlook or Outlook Web Access, click the To or Cc buttons. This displays the Global Address List. Using this list you can search for any staff member's email address. Tips for using the Global Address List can be found in  Global Address List - locating staff email addreses [2-page PDF]. Staff email addresses can also be accessed via the Staff Lookup link on the Queen's Home page.

Student addresses are in the format A student's email address is not available to other students. Staff members with authorisation can have access to a student's email address (e.g. staff teaching on a module which uses the QOL Virtual Learning Environment).

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files. This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.


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