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Email Quota/Backup

Each staff account has a maximum of 900 Mb. Whenever a staff member gets close to the limit they are sent an alert. Messages will still be delivered if your mailbox exceeds the limit but you will no longer be able to send outgoing mail. When your mailbox size becomes too large you will need to take action to reduce the content. Advice about 'cleaning up' your mailbox in Outlook 2010 is given in the document Email Cleanup and Archiving [PDF]. For Outlook 2007 please consult Email Cleanup and Archiving - Outlook 2007 [PDF]

The Student email services are being migrated to the cloud, using Microsoft Office 365. The new service offers significantly increased email storage: 25GB of space. Undergraduate student mailboxes will be migrated to the new cloud service first, followed shortly afterwards by Postgraduate Taught students. Postgraduate Research students, while not being moved to the service at this stage, will benefit through the storage capacity freed up in-house. This will be redistributed to allow a significant increase for email storage.

Messages with attachments quickly use up storage. These tips can help:

  • If the document is on a shared drive, the recipient could be directed to the document via a hyperlink: e.g. K:\Training Docs\Web Searching\Sample Searches18 print.doc (in the message composition window choose Insert/Hyperlink).
  • If the document is on a SharePoint the recipient could be sent a link to the document (that is if they have rights to access the particular document library).
  • If the file is very large (up to 1 Gb) the QUB Dropbox service could be used: Read about the Dropbox Service.
  • Delete emails if no longer required. Delete all but the most recent messages in a thread.
  • Archive - Outlook provides an AutoArchive facility - to find out more consult the document Email Cleanup and Archiving [3-page PDF]

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files. This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.


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