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Offensive/Abusive Emails

If you have received an offensive or abusive email please do not reply to any such message and retain all copies of the message.

Messages from within Queen's
If the message appears to come from a source at the University it should be reported in the first instance to  Information Services will investigate and if there has been a breach of the rules the University’s disciplinary procedures are invoked. If the incident appears to involve illegal activity the complainant will be advised to report the matter to the P.S.N.I. immediately.

Messages from outside Queen's
Users in receipt of abusive or nuisance messages from sources external to the University the University cannot accept responsibility for such messages. Complaints about these messages should be addressed to the service provider or organisation from which they were sent.

There is a particular procedure for notifying the authorities of spam messages offering illegal services such as child pornography. Users in receipt of such messages should visit the Internet Watch Foundation web site - This organisation works in partnership with ISPs, Telcos, Mobile Operators, Software Providers, Police and Government, to minimise the availability of illegal Internet content, particularly child abuse images.


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