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ECDL for Staff

Cost: ECDL testing costs £110 but staff or their school/department pay £40, with the remainder being paid by Staff Training and Development Unit and Information Services. 

Attend a course: ECDL courses are held in Semesters 1 and 2 (enrol via Queen's Online).

Preparing for ECDL: As well as attending courses, once enrolled, you will be materials will be made available via a SharePoint site and for each module you can be request a diagnostic test to help you check your test preparedness.

Test sessions: During test sessions, you may complete a test and/or a diagnostic test. Support is provided if necessary during diagnostic tests. Each test lasts 45 minutes.

Time to Complete ECDL: You have 3 years to complete the ECDL from the date of successfully completing your first test.