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ECDL for Students

Cost: £110 Register your interest:

Preparing for ECDL: This is a self-study approach.  Computer based training materials are available for each module and you get access to a diagnostic test to help you check your test preparedness for each module. Syllabus for all 7 modules

Test sessions: During test sessions, you may complete a test and/or a diagnostic test.  Support is provided if necessary during diagnostic tests.  Each test lasts 45 minutes.

Estimated hours of study: Total preparations and testing time for completion of ECDL is 140 hours for a complete beginner, however, the majority of candidates complete in less time. 

Time to Complete ECDL: You have 3 years to complete the ECDL from the date of successfully completing your first test (and while still a student at Queen's).

Degree Plus: As a student at Queen's your ECDL accreditation will entitle you to the Degree Plus award (see

Postgraduate Research Students can record successful ECDL completion on their training and development record via Qsis - please visit for more information.