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Where a candidate disputes a test result, they are entitled to register a complaint with the Test Centre Manager within 3 days of being notified of the result.  The candidate should contact the Test Centre Manager at describing the nature of their complaint, providing their log book or BCS number, test module and test date.
The Test Centre Manager shall investigate the complaint and reply to the complainant within 7 days.  The Test Centre will keep a written record of the findings of each investigation, of the procedure followed and of the outcome of the appeal.
If a candidate is not able to resolve an appeal at the Test Centre then he/she has the right to appeal to the British Computer Society (the BCS oversees ECDL in the UK).  The fee for making appeals is £10, made payable to the British Computer Society.  This fee will be refunded if the candidate's result improves following the appeal.
The BCS shall investigate the relevant facts relating to each appeal before deciding whether the appeal should be allowed.  The Accredited Test Centre will assist the BCS in its enquiries and in particular shall answer all questions, which the BCS may ask in the course of investigations.  Appeal decisions given by the BCS shall be final and binding.