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Interactive Lecture Theatre

PRS Handset and Receiver

Information Services has introduced an "Interactive Lecture Theatre" service (using a Personal Response System), which encourages a much richer form of engagement between lecturer and student.

Lecturers pose questions using an enhanced version of Powerpoint. Students ‘vote’ using simple handsets. The results can then be summarised and reflected back to the class, ‘instantly’ in the form of charts such as pie charts or bar graphs. The service potentially, could support any class size up to 750 students. 

While simple in context, this system is extremely effective at developing new forms of teacher - student engagement. A simple “what do you think” question with four options can become the starting point for rich debate, while mcq type questions can test knowledge on a regular basis so ensuring that the class is in touch with the course being taught. The system can also support collaboration and peer support through group engagement.

Click on the links on the right of this page to find out more about using the Personal Response System. 

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