Queen's Online

Queen's Online (QOL) is a secure and managed SharePoint environment in which staff and students can access online resources and services (which they are registered to use). Login http://www.qol.qub.ac.uk

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an important learning and teaching resource used by staff and students in Queen's Online.

The table below outlines the main features on the QOL homepage for staff and students. 

Staff QOL Homepage
Student QOL Homepage
Quick Links: QUB Website, Email, Files, IT Service desk, Change Password, Qsis

Quick Links: QUB Website, Email, Files ( (Web Access to Q: Drive), Change Password

Services: Administration (e.g. Employment Details), Other (e.g. Training Courses), Research (e.g. ResearchResearch), Teaching (Modules pre09/10) Qsis: Qsis Home, Examination Results, Record of Achievement

Announcements (University wide messages for staff, relating to dispruption to services, forthcoming staff events, holidays/closures etc.) Services: Administration (e.g. Exam Timetable), Other (e.g. Careers Videos etc.), Teaching (Modules pre09/10)
Smart Card (Facility for adding funds to your Staff Smart Card for catering etc.)
Announcements (Student specific messages)
Library (Access Library information speciifc to you e.g. loans, requests and fines)
Smart Card Facility for adding funds to your Staff Smart Card for catering etc.)
Modules (Access the Virtual Learning Environment for modules that you are registered for in Qsis)
Library (Access Library information speciifc to you e.g. loans, requests and fines)
Schools and Directorates (link to your School/Directorate SharePoint site) Modules (Access the Virtual Learning Environment for modules that you are registered for in Qsis)
University News
University News
University Documents (For example, IT and Library guides etc.)
University Documents (Relating to supporting students, policies etc.)
Contact Details

IT Service Desk

On (028) 9097 3760 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. An answerphone service is available outside these hours.  itservicedesk@qub.ac.uk Staff and students must use their QUB email address

Access and Support

To login to Queen's Online, please visit http://www.qol.qub.ac.uk/

Staff Login: Staff use the username and password supplied by Queen's Online as your login details. Your username is ads\ followed by your staff number and your password is your email password.
Student Login: Students can gain access to Queen's Online using their ads\student number as your username (i.e. the number as it appears on your student card) and by using their normal password, (i.e. the password used to logon in the Student Computer Centres). This information is supplied to all students at registration.

If you have any queries about your QOL homepage, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Other Related Services

Queen's Online (QOL) provides a gateway to many other key services in the university, as well as the latest university news and important university documentation.

Some of these key services are listed below. 

E-Learning (VLE)

E-Learning at Queen's is supported through Queen's Online (QOL) Virtual Learning Environment, which is a secure web-based environment used regularly by over 85% of students. 

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides tools to make resources available online for students, enables communication online between staff and students, tracks students' use of resources and offers computer assisted assessment options. 

Training and support for e-learning is supported by the Centre for Educational Development and the IT Training and Assessment Unit (Information Services). The two groups work together to offer a cohesive range of services to support e-learning as follows:

  • Guidance, support and training relating to the integration of e-learning into learning and teaching will be facilitated by the Centre for Educational Development.
  • Development of the core skills required to realise the potential of Queen's Online will be facilitated by Information Services.
  • The development of e-learning templates and e-learning resources such as audio visual (i.e. podcasts) and computer based materials will be supported through Information Services.


Further E-Learning Service Information and Support

Queen's University Mobile App

A Queen's University Mobile App is available for staff and students through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search for "Queen's University Belfast".

Once you have installed the app, you can log in using your University student or staff number and password.

Further help is available on using the app, or contact us by opening a New Call with the IT Service Desk (login required).

Last updated August 2018