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Remote Access

Computer Keyboard

There are a number services you can access remotely, that is from off-campus or away from your on-campus PC. For example, you may wish to access files on your network drives (e.g. H: drive, K: drive, or Q: drive). Staff members may wish to access their own PC remotely or access their SharePoint document libraries. Or, you may wish to avail of Office 2010 or Office 2007 from off-campus.

The options are detailed below

  • To access Queen's web services such as email, the virtual learning environment, SharePoint and all other QOL services: log into Queen's Online.
  • To access your file store click on the My Files link in Queen's Online.
  • To access a secure Windows desktop which offers many of the features available from a user’s normal on-campus PC, such as Microsoft Office plus access to your network drives: use Citrix. 
  • To access your PC remotely use: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

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