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The business of the University depends heavily on computerised information systems, in particular:

  • Data which is often sensitive and must be protected from loss, corruption and improper access
  • Re-entry of lost data can be painstaking and very time consuming 
  • Loss of data can impact upon deadlines and can have wide ranging implications
  • Electronic records are increasingly becoming the only source of original data

New viruses are constantly released and use vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system, therefore it is imperative that Windows Updates and anti-virus software is kept up to date. 

For latest information on internet security threats go to CERT-UK (the UK National Computer Emergency Response Team).

Click on the links on the right of this page to access important information on how to protect your PC in work and at home (Accessing the Service) and the useful support available such as, how to deal with spam, handy hints when creating passwords etc.