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Information Security and Acceptable Use Policies

The University has in place a number of policies relating to information security, acceptable use of computer resources, information handling, mobile computing, social media and data protection.

These policies are intended to give guidance to staff and students on the use of computer systems and to ensure that information and resources are used in an appropriate and responsible way throughout the University.  They are designed to protect users and the information they hold or that is held about them.  They also reflect the various legislative requirements relating to data protection and the use of information.  It should be noted that the University reserves the right to take appropriate steps in order to ensure compliance with the policies.  The Acceptable Use Guides are intended to give advice on the practical application of the Computer Resources - Acceptable Use Policy and should be read in conjunction with the policy.

The policies apply to all staff and students and should be read carefully.  All academic and academic support managers are directly responsible for implementing the policies within their business areas.  Managers should make their staff aware of the policies and their responsibility to adhere to them.

Acceptable Use

Computer Resources - Acceptable Use Policy (Sep 13) (pdf file - 3 page)

Staff Computing at Queen's - Acceptable Use Guide (Sep 13)

Student Computing at Queen's - Acceptable Use Guide (Sep 13)

Policies and guides for staff and students on the use of social media are available on the Social Media page.

Information Security

Information Security Policy Statement (Mar 09) (pdf file - 2 pages)

Information Handling (Nov 09) (pdf file - 4 pages)

Mobile Computing Policy* (Mar 09) (pdf file - 4 pages)

Guidance on Storing and Accessing Sensitive Information (Feb 10) (pdf file - 2 pages)

* (Related guides on encryption)

Information on data protection, including the University's Data Protection Policy is available on the Registrar's Office pages.

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website