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Stop Pop Ups on My Screen

Pop-up windows on your computer can be the result of visiting particular websites.  With pop-ups there is the possibility that pieces of code, often referred to as adware, malware or spyware, have been stored on the hard disk of the PC. As well as causing the annoying pop-ups, these can cause frequent computer crashes and slow internet connection. In extreme cases they can ‘steal’ personal information, such as credit card numbers.

It is recommend that you take the following steps to help stop pop-ups:

  1. The Google toolbar, available from is fairly effective in stopping the pop-ups. However, it does not however remove the adware/malware/spyware code.
  2. A separate tool is needed to clean the hard disk. Although there are a large number of packages available, none are 100% effective. The Malwarebytes package has been found be to reasonably effective. 

Note that some websites which claim to be the suppliers of adware/malware/spyware removal tools are themselves the source of adware/malware/spyware.
If you use Windows XP with Service Pack 2 you may find that you are being blocked  from sites that you know to be trustworthy. You can allow these sites to use pop-ups by following the advice in the word document on unblocking pop-ups.
As well as running a package such as Spybot on a regular basis, you can help protect yourself by:

  • Avoid freely downloading ‘freeware’ and ‘shareware’.
  • Avoid freely providing your email address when prompted to do so.
  • Delete spam from your email.

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