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Storage and Backup

When most staff log into their computer they also log into a server on the network, which allows access to resources such as ‘H’ and ‘K’ drives. The ‘K’ drive is normally used to store departmental files and the ‘H’ drive is typically used to store your files.  This system offers a number of advantages:

  • The data is backed up regularly. This means accidentally deleted or corrupted files can be restored.
  • If a PC breaks down or a person is required to use another machine (either on or off campus), they will still have access to their files.  Netstorage (pdf file - 3 pages) describes how this is done.
  • The servers (and the data) are kept in a secure location.
  • It is much easier to increase the amount of space available.

Note: Local drives (such as C:) are NOT accessible in this way.
It is recommended:

  • Staff utilise these resources fully to protect important data.
  • Network drives should not be used for backing up entire PCs or storing large video and music files which requires a lot of disk space.  
  • Files stored on the network should be work-related only. 

It is not necessary to backup program files such as Microsoft Office since these can be re-installed from CD.
If you do not have access to networked file store then please contact the Computer Helpdesk or your School Computing Officer to discuss how your data can be protected.

Points to Note:

  • Students should refer to the Student Computing (moved 16 Sept 2014 website for information on file storage and backup!
  • You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website

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