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Training Courses

At present, the main SharePoint course for staff is:

  • Working with SharePoint (for Site Owners (Administrators)): Normally there are 2/3 Owners per SharePoint site.  The Site Owners are responsible for their own sites i.e. they have full control of their own sites and have the important responsibility of managing users and permissions.

If you are a nominated SharePoint Site Owner, it is highly recommended that you attend this training course.  This course is usually scheduled every 4 weeks, lasts 3.5 hours and takes place in The McClay Library.  In-house training courses can also be delivered to meet the specific needs of staff.  Email the SharePoint Team to arrange an in-house training course.

If you are a SharePoint Site Contributor, support is available on the SharePoint Training Site.  If you feel you require more support, email the SharePoint Team.

New SharePoint courses are currently being developed, to accommodate the increased functionality offered with SharePoint 2010.

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