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Adding Funds to your Card

Your Smart Card has a number of purses:

Personal Cash Purse. For general use and can be used at any location that takes electronic payment usign the SmartCard. Add money to it using option A or B (see below). The limit on this purse is £30.

Print and Photocopy Purse. This is a dedicated purse for printing and photocopying only, with preferential rates – a 20% increase to the value loaded e.g. £5 taken from your credit/debit card will add £6 into this purse.  Add money to this purse through Option A (see below).  The limit on this purse is £80.

Student Experience Bursary. This purse is updated automatically if the University receives confirmation from the Student Loans Company that you are entitled to a bursary. The limit on this purse is £500

Add funds to your smart card via Option A or B explained below :

Option A
Add funds to your Personal Cash Purse, Print and Photocopy Purse using a credit or debit card, through the "My Smart Card" application within Queen’s Online:

  • Log into Queen’s Online and launch the “My Smart Card” application.  
  • Select a purse and the amount to be added.
  • Pay using your credit/debit card.  This transaction takes place over a secure network connection.
  • The balance on the Smart Card will be increased the next time you insert the card into any card reader.  Insert your card into a reader and the message "Card Being Updated" will briefly display as the new funds are added to the card. You will also receive a transaction confirmation from WorldPay (keep this as proof of the transaction).

Option B
Using the cash upload machines in the libraries(McClay, MBC or RVH), you can use cash to add funds to the Personal Cash Purse only. 

  • Cash upload machines are located near the print/photocopying facilities in the libraries. 
  • The machines take both notes and coins.
  • Instructions are printed on the machines. 
  • Please follow these instructions carefully and make sure that you do not remove your card until it has been updated.

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