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Manage your Card through "My Smart Card"

You can use the My Smart Card facility in Queen’s Online (QOL) to do the following:

Add Funds
Add funds to your Smart Card. This provides you with access to the various purses on your card (a purse is simply an electronic means of storing monetary values on your smart card) which allows you to add funds using a credit/debit card.

Transaction History

You can view your transaction history in QOL (pdf file - 1 page).  You can also view your maximum card balance allowed and the last known balance on your Smart Card.

Hotlist Card

If your Smart Card is lost or stolen, it is very important to 'Hotlist' (disable your Smart Card (pdf file - 1 page)) your card as soon as possible! You can do this via QOL. 

Download a User Guide (pdf file - 4 pages) for further information on using the "My Smart Card" facility in Queen's.

Please note - if you have been issued with a replacement card you will only be able to use the card most recently issued to you to get into the McClay Library or make purchases on campus (catering, printing, photocopying, or purchases in the Computer Shop).

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website

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