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Student Experience Bursary

Checking your Student Experience Bursary: If you are eligible to receive a Student Experience Bursary you can check the status of it in Queen's Online (QOL) via My Smart Card, Student Experience Bursary.

The Student Experience Bursary will be paid to eligible students as soon as possible following enrolment via the Student Smart Card.

Note: When completing the Student Loan Form it is important to complete the check the box that allows the Student Loan Company to share your financial information with the University - if you do not complete this and you are eligible for a bursary then the University will not be informed.

Where can I spend my Student Experience Bursary/what services can I pay for? This one-page PDF explains. If you want to spend from your Bursary purse, then you should present your card at the locations/services where the Bursary can be spent. Any unspent money will remain on your card for use in next academic year.

Note: For students that will not be returning, any unspent money on the Bursary is transferred to the Student Hardship Fund.  Students will NOT have access to the Student Experience Bursary once they have graduated.

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