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Core Software

The table below lists the core software for a standard computer.  The latest versions of the software will be available.  You can contact the Computer Helpdesk to get assistance when setting up this core software on your computer.  The Computer Helpdesk will also ensure that your computer will automatically be set-up to scan for viruses and download any Windows updates.

Software Name
Software Licence Fee Accessing the Software
Microsoft Windows Prepaid - no cost to user under Microsoft Campus Agreement Computer Shop - McClay Library
Microsoft Office

Prepaid - no cost to user under Microsoft Campus Agreement Students can buy reduced price Office, please see Reduced Price Software

Computer Shop - McClay Library
Symantec Antivirus (SAV) Prepaid - no cost to user Computer Shop - McClay Library

Note: Copies of all available software can be ordered via the Computer Shop in the McClay Library, provided that the Institution/Department is licensed for the requested software.  A £5 administration fee is levied for the production of each CD.  The Institution/Department then keeps the CD.  

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