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Teaching Rooms

Sample Teaching Rooms Sample Teaching Rooms
Sample Teaching Rooms Sample Teaching Rooms
Sample Teaching Rooms Sample Teaching Rooms

Information Services, working with Estates, supports education through a range of central facilities across the University. This includes access to centrally booked teaching rooms and lecture theatres with audio visual features and centrally booked computer labs.

All centrally booked teaching rooms are equipped with:


Under the auspices of the Student Central Timetabling Project, Information Services has assumed responsibility for 65 teaching rooms, previously managed by Schools. We are making every effort to bring these facilities into line with other central teaching rooms. During this transition period there will be slight variations in the operation of the AV equipment in some rooms.   Visit “New Rooms” section for a list of all the new rooms and links to short “Quick Steps” leaflets for each room.

Visit the Audio Visual (AV) section, to find out more about the AV services on offer in the centrally booked teaching rooms. 

For information on computer labs throughout campus, visit the Computer Labs section.  This section includes information on the centrally booked computer labs available for teaching purposes.  

As well as providing centrally booked teaching facilities, Information Services is also keen to support different modes of learning and teaching through the development of flexible teaching spaces.  For example, the large open flexible teaching space in the Peter Froggatt Centre, can accommodate large (up to 60 students) or small groups. It offers flexible lighting, folding chairs, tables, whiteboards etc., as well as a wide range of technology including:

The room can be configured in many ways. Although it is possible to set up the room with the focus on one teacher “at the front”, the room is primarily designed to facilitate a range of learner centred activities.

Further information on Flexible Teaching Spaces is available on the Centre for Educational Devlopment website. 

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