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Accessing the Service

Telephone Switchboard

Telephone Switchboard: Telephone switchboard operators are available from 8:45am until 5:15pm each day, Monday to Friday to handle calls and deal with faults.  Dial 0 to ask for your extension number and to provide the switchboard with your details. 

Your external number will be 028 9097nnnn with nnnn being your extension number.  Inbound calls should go directly to your number and not through the switchboard.


Voicemail: Download the Voicemail User Guide (pdf file - 3 pages)

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to access your voicemail service, record voicemail greetings, listen to messages, change your voicemail settings etc.


Phones for Business

Phones for Business: Some members of staff are provided with mobile/smart phones by the University for business purposes. 

Please email or phone ext. 6345 if you require this service.  Authorisation is required by the budget holder paying for the service.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones: Step-by-step instructions for connecting a selection of mobile devices to the Queen's Wireless Network and Queen's Email are available in the Wireless/Eduroam section.

If your device uses an operating system such as the Palm OS or that used by Sony Ericsson phones, please contact the Computer Helpdesk in the first instance.


Directory of Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses

Directory of Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses: There are 2 online directories.  The public phonebook is accessible by anyone from the Queen's website.  It is only possible to search for one person at a time to prevent email addresses being picked up by unsolicited mail agents.  Staff can choose not to appear in this public phonebook.  The internal phonebook is only available to staff who have logged into Queen's Online (by selecting the Phonebook application).

A full printable (PDF) version of the current telephone book is also available.  Email for more information.

The information is updated on a regular basis.  Once you are registered with Personnel and have been informed by Switchboard of your extension number then your details should appear shortly afterwards in the online phonebook.  It is the responsibility of the Telephone Liason Officer in each unit to make any changes to phone numbers and/or locations in these directories.  Note: Editing a name or unit can only be done by Personnel.

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website

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