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HTC (Windows 6.1)

Step-by-step instructions on getting your Queen's Email set-up, are provided for your HTC (Windows 6.1) phone.  Note: These instructions are still being finalised, so if you have worked through the instructions (trying all options), but are still not able to connect to your Queen's email account, contact the Computer Helpdesk for advice.

Note: Completion of the following steps requires you to install Microsoft’s ActiveSync software. While your packaging may contain this software on a CD, the latest version is always available from the Microsoft website.

  • Install the ActiveSync software. During this process you will be asked to confirm several steps by clicking ‘Next’, and then entering your name. It is safe to confirm all default options here, as configuration of the software is automatic. Click on ‘Finish’ at the final step
  • Using the data cable provided with your device, or a standard USB/Mini-USB cable, connect your device to your computer
  • A configuration ‘Wizard’ will appear to assist you set-up your device to receive email, calendar, and contact items from your Exchange account. Click ‘Next’ to begin this process
  • Ensure that the option to 'Synchronise directly with a server running Microsoft Exchange' is ticked, and click ‘Next’

Depending on how your account is currently setup, try either Option 1 and/or Option 2 to find out which settings apply to you and your Windows phone:

Option 1 Option 2
Email Address:
Server Address:
Domain: ads
Username: student number
Password: same as your Queen’s Online password
Email Address:
Server Address:
Domain: leave blank
Username: student
Password: same as your Queen’s Online password

  • Enter a Server Address field (try option 1 first)
  • Enter a Username (try option 1 first)
  • Enter your Password field
  • Enter a Domain (try option 1 first)
  • Choose Save Password and click 'Next'
  • Select the 'Contacts', 'Calendar', 'Email' and 'Tasks' boxes and ensure that ‘Microsoft Exchange’ is the source.  Cick ‘Next’
  • Leave the 'Allow wireless data connections...' box unchecked, and click ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Finish’ and your phone should now be set-up to receive emails and your calendar functions using your phones wireless and 3G services.  If not, try option 2.  If your Queen's email account is still not set-up contact the Computer Helpdesk for advice.

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