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Information Services makes every effort to have key services available at all times. However, there is always the possibility of some loss of service due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of any service interruption we will update this page with information on the nature and duration of the interruption.

Service Status Comments
EmailNo known problemsNo known issues
NetworkNo known problemsNo Known Issues
WebNo known problems

No known Issues

Please note that the link for printing via the web is now:
Staff File StoreNo known problemsNo Known Issues
Student File StoreNo known problemsNo Known Issues
Queen's OnlineNo known problems

No Known Issues

Log in to QOL at

Remote Access SystemsNo known problems

Citrix No Known Issues

VPN Service No Known Issues

Library SystemsNo known problemsNo Known Issues
Research ComputingNo known problemsNo Known Issues
QsisNo known problems

Login to Qsis at

Web Content ManagementNo known problems

No known Issues

Login to the CMS at:

SharePoint ServicesNo known problems

The core SharePoint Services are fully operational with no known issues.


iTrent (HR System)No known problemsNo Known Issues
Search ServiceNo known problemsNo Known Issues

WiFi ServicesNo known problemsNo Known Issues
Student Computer Areas/SCCsNo known problemsNo Known Issues

A full list of applications and centrally managed computer rooms is at Computer Labs

Office 365No known problemsNo known issues
Multi-functional devicesNo known problemsNo Known Issues
QfisNo known problemsNo Known Issues
CanvasNo known problemsNo known issues
Position the mouse over the service name for a description of the service.
Status Key
Warning of planned maintenance Warning of planned maintenance Problems with service Problems with service
Operational but at risk Operational but at risk No known problems No known problems


Follow this link for useful information about our Services and how to use them.

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If you are aware of a service problem which is not currently being reported here, or you want further information about an existing problem, please contact our IT Service desk- Request IT Support  telephone: 90973760.