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Policies and Regulations

Library policy statements are available on resource development and management, and on potential donations to the Library.

Use of the Library's resources, buildings and services is governed by the Library Regulations.


Resource Development and Management

The Resource Development and Management Policy outlines Information Services' policy in relation to Library resources. It includes general guidelines on their selection, management and rationalisation in support of teaching and research.


Potential Donations to the Library

The Library at Queen's is grateful to those who have made donations and who offer unsolicited material to the Library. Many of the items are accepted, ranging from individual works presented by the author to substantial collections, would not otherwise be obtained by the Library and these make an important contribution to teaching, learning and research activities at Queen's. However because of increasing pressures on space and time, we feel that it is necessary to implement a coherent donations policy for managing the offers of books and journals. We would be grateful for any comments or feedback on the policy. Please contact Elizabeth Traynor ( with your suggestions.


Library Regulations

The purpose of the Library Regulations is to enable users to make the fullest use of the University's library resources, buildings and services. The Regulations cover library access, conduct in the Queen's library sites, borrowing and other services and resources.

Full Library regulations are also included in the Regulations for students (other regulations) pages available from the General Regulations: University Calendar webpage.