Information Services

Short Loan Books

The McClay Library Short Loan Collection

The Short Loan Collection provides easy access to reading list material. It contains multiple copies of recommended texts as well as other material to support taught courses.


Queen’s students and staff may borrow up to 7 Short Loan items by using the Self Service machines which are located within the Short Loan area.  External members and visitors may consult, but not borrow, books held in the Collection.

The Short Loan exit is alarmed so, any items taken out of the Collection should be issued before leaving the area!

As an alternative to borrowing, the Multi-Functional-Device located within the Short Loan area may be used to scan or copy material subject to copyright restrictions.

Loan periods

There are three loan periods and, in addition, there is a small collection of books which cannot be borrowed.

7 NIGHT           Borrow for up to 7 nights           Due back on the 8th day (excluding the weekend)

2 NIGHT           Borrow for up to 2 nights           Due back on the 3rd day (excluding the weekend)

I NIGHT            Borrow for up to 1 night             Due back on the 2nd day (excluding the weekend)

REFERENCE    Cannot borrow                          For use in the Short Loan area  


The Self Service return slots on the ground floor in the McClay Library should be used to return material.

There is no charge for borrowing Short Loan material as long as the items are returned by the due date.  However, to help maximise availability, books should be returned to the Library as soon as possible.

Renewals and reservations are not possible because the books are in heavy demand and the loan periods are relatively short.


To encourage prompt returns, a fine of £2.50 per day is charged for each item brought back after the due date.

The Medical Library and Biomedical Library

All Short Loan material in the Medical Library and Biomedical Library have a 2 night loan period and follow the same rules as above.