Information Services

What is a QR code?

A QR or Quick Response code is a matrix barcode readable by most smartphones or QR code reading devices which link to a webpage, document or allow you to send an email or SMS message.

How will my phone read a QR code?

If your phone has a camera you should be able to capture QR codes. You can install a QR code reader application on your phone or a QR code reading device which will read the code and convert it to a URL so that you are directed to the relevant information source.

How can I install a QR code reader application on my phone?

To install a QR code reader application search on the web for QR Code Reader and the make and model of your phone.

If your phone is connected to QUB Wireless network, you should be able to download data using QR Codes by connecting to the wireless network.

If you are accessing QR code content through your mobile phone service provider network, be aware of the charges for downloading data.

QR codes in QCat Library Catalogue

By scanning the QR codes in item records in the QCat Library Catalogue (click here to see an example) you can link directly to the URL of a book, e-book, journal, e-journal or database on the catalogue in order to view the item details (author, title, shelfmark) or login to connect to a resource.

Why would I use a QR Code?

You may find that scanning a QR Code and storing or accessing data directly using your mobile phone is more convenient than manually recording URLs or noting item details (i.e. title, author, date, shelfmark etc.).