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Postgraduate Admissions Policy

Queen’s University Belfast is committed to providing a professional admissions service. The Postgraduate Admissions Policy and accompanying procedures are transparent, fair and consistently applied which ensures that prospective students understand how the admissions process works and applications are processed in a timely manner.

The Policy applies to the admission of postgraduate (research and taught) students to Queen’s University Belfast. It provides information on procedures and related matters together with details of the responsibilities of those involved in the process. The Policy is kept under review and is updated periodically to reflect progress in implementing the University’s Vision.

The Postgraduate Admissions Policy complies with relevant legislation affecting the admission of students and meets the expectation of the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Chapter B2: Recruitment, Selection and Admission to Higher Education (2013) and Chapter B11: Research Degrees (2012) (

Postgraduate Admissions Policy 2015/2016

Postgraduate Admissions Policy 2016/2017

Postgraduate Admissions Policy 2017/2018