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Settling in Period

Settling your child into the crèche should be a gradual process, making the experience as easy as possible for all concerned.  We would encourage the new parent to allow a week of flexibility before going into full-time study or work.

Every child is different and at different stages of development and may or may not have attended day care before.

These factors affect your child’s adaptability.  Generally, we find babies make the transition quickly and easily whereas 1-2 year olds find it more difficult.  Our advice to parents who are worried or upset leaving their child, is to be consistent.  A child will respond and settle more quickly if they are given a routine.  We would envisage the first week as follows:

Day 1  Mother/father stay with the child for 1-2 hours.
Day 2  Parent leaves for 1-2 hours.
Day 3   Child stays for lunch leaving at 12.30pm.
Day 4 Child stays over rest period, getting picked up at 2.00pm 
Day 5   Child stays all day.

Your child may bring along a comforter i.e. dummy, blanket etc.  If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s introduction to the crèche, please do not hesitate to approach a member of staff.