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Applicants with Criminal Records

It is the policy of the University to consider applications for admission on their individual merits and in the light of all available information. The primary selection criteria are those related to the qualifications, skills, abilities and personal qualities of an applicant. The University will investigate the criminal record of a new applicant only if the primary selection criteria for a course have been met. The University acknowledges the key role of education in the rehabilitative process and a criminal record will not debar an applicant unless the nature and seriousness of the offence in question are incompatible with:

  1. the course applied for;
  2. the ultimate professional or vocational goal; or
  3. participation in an academic and social setting and the University’s responsibility to ensure a safe and neutral environment.

Regulations concerning admission of applicants who have a criminal record are available from the University’s Admissions and Access Service or may be downloaded from our website.