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Admissions Policy

Photo of University Quad
Photo of University Quad

The Admissions Policy applies to all undergraduate admissions to Queen’s University Belfast.  It relates to entry in the academic year 2014-2015 and is reviewed annually.

The University:

  • encourages applications from suitably qualified applicants, particularly from groups which are currently under-represented in Higher Education;
  • selects on the basis of fair, transparent, reliable and objective criteria, applied equitably and consistently;
  • admits the best qualified applicants to degree courses in line with the University’s priorities, the targets agreed in academic plans and within the overallconstraints applied by the government and professional bodies.

The policy of the University, enshrined in its charter since 1908, promotes equality of opportunity for all applicants regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, religious belief, marital status or whether or not they have dependants.

The admissions policy complies with relevant legislation affecting the admission of students and is consistent with the QAA Code of Practice on Recruitment and Admissions.  It is also guided by the principles outlined in the Report of the Admissions to Higher Education Steering Group 2004 (the Schwartz Report).

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