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Applications for Education degrees

If you are considering a career in teaching, note that there are two possible routes available at Queen's:

  1. The consecutive route
    This means that you will come to the University and take a degree other than Education, transferring on graduation to the one year postgraduate teacher training course (Postgraduate Certificate in Education - PGCE) in the University's School of Education.
  2. The concurrent route
    This means that you will go straight from school to one of the University Colleges (St Mary's or Stranmillis) and follow a course involving the concurrent study of a subject and professional preparation. This will lead to the degree of Bachelor of Education at Honours level.

Either way, you will be a graduate of Queen's and a qualified teacher. The status 'eligibility to teach' entitles you to apply for a post in any type of school.

The University and the University Colleges are required by the government to adhere to strict quotas for admission to each type of course as an attempt to match the output of teachers to the number of vacant posts. It would therefore be wise to reach an early decision on whether you want to be a primary-level or secondary-level teacher.

Stranmillis and St. Mary's University Colleges

If you want to be a primary-level teacher, you should apply to follow the Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in one of the University Colleges. The Colleges also offer BEd Secondary programmes in Business Studies, Religious Studies and Technology & Design. Each issues its own prospectus in which detailed information may be found about the BEd and the University College itself.

The PGCE (Early Years) is offered by Stranmillis University College and the PGCE (Irish Medium) is offered by St. Mary's University College. Again you should consult the relevant University College Prospectus.

Other Undergraduate courses offered by the University Colleges

  • BA (Liberal Arts) - St Mary's University College
  • BA (Early Childhood Studies) - Stranmillis University College
  • BA (Health and Leisure Studies) - Stranmillis University College

For further details, consult the relevant University College Prospectus

School of Education at Queen's

If you want to be a Secondary School Teacher and decide on the consecutive route, the normal route for most subjects is to take a degree in your chosen subject(s) first and then apply, at the beginning of your final undergraduate year, for a place on the PGCE course in the University's School of Education. The exceptions to this are if you wish to teach Business Studies, Religious Studies or Technology and Design, for which the University Colleges offer a BEd Secondary programme.

The School of Education at Queen's offers PGCE courses in Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Modern Languages, English, Computing/IT, Religious Education, Sociology and Politics. For further information about the PGCE course in the School of Education consult their website or the Postgraduate Prospectus.

Applying for the Courses

Applications for admission to Stranmillis University College should be submitted through UCAS in the normal manner.

Applications for entry to St Mary's University College should be made direct to the College.

Academic Registry
St Mary's University College
191 Falls Road
BT12 6FE

Academic Registry
Stranmillis University College

Tel: 028 9032 7320

Tel: 028 9038 4263



If you want to be a teacher and decide on the consecutive route, you should apply to the University in the normal way through UCAS and, early in the final year of your undergraduate degree, apply to Queen's School of Education for admission to the PGCE course.

School of Education
69 - 71 University Street
Queen's University Belfast
Tel: 028 9097 5941