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Head of Student Plus, Caroline Young

Caroline Young

Director of Student Plus

Telephone number: 028 90 971465
Email address:

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Sharon McBurney

Secretary to Director

Telephone number: 028 90 971460
Email address:

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Heads of Service

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson

Head of Accommodation

Telephone number: 02890 974713
Email address:

Email Richard

Brian Horgan

Head of Campus Food and Drink

Telephone number: 028 90 975240
Email address:

Email Brian

Brigid Doyle

Head of Childcare

Telephone number: 028 90 975342
Email address:

Email Brigid

Claire Baxter

Head of Eventus, Culture and Arts

Telephone number: 028 90 975340
Email address:

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Ciaran Higgins

Head of Students' Union

Telephone number: 028 90 973723
Email address:

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Lanyon building from right hand side with blue sky

Liz McLaughlin

Head of Queen's Sport

Telephone number: 028 90 387664
Email address:

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Student Plus Finance Team

Richard O'Neill

Commercial Management Accountant
(Also Acting Senior Finance Officer, QFT)

Telephone number: 028 90 973387
Email address:

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S.P finance



Contact Details

Administrative Support      Ruby Wallace
028 90 971023
Reception and Central Office Support Scott Gilliland
028 90 975191


Senior Finance Officer

Philip Taylor
028 90 974527
Senior Finance Officer
(Catering, Riddel Hall and Eventus)

Marie McCullough
028 90 971517

Senior Finance Officer
(Queen’s Sport)
Kim McLaughlin
028 90 681126
Acting Senior Finance Officer
(SU General and SU Commercial)

Nuala Kelleher
028 90 973565

Senior Finance Officer


Judith Collister
028 90 975397


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